5 Ways To Use Plastic Pallet Boxes

Warehouses and shippers all over the world have switched over to plastic storage options. For the past decade, plastic pallet boxes in particular have reigned supreme as durable storage containers that hold a wide variety of items and be easily cleaned in between use. Many people also prefer these boxes over traditional storage because they are easily stackable and are fairly light despite being able to hold a large amount of weight. Unlike traditional wooden shipping crates, they can be secured without being nailed shut. Needless to say, plastic pallet boxes are also the more economical option because they can be used over and over again.

The proof is in the real-life ways they are used —plastic pallet boxes have been used for an impressive range of purposes over the years! Here are just five of the most unique ways they have been (and continue to be) used:

1. Helping Plastic Bottles Reach Their Purpose

Before plastic bottles take their shape and hold popular liquids, they are shipped to factories all over the world as simple “preforms.” Plastic pallet boxes make it possible to ship these bottle preforms in amazingly large quantities at a time, keeping them clean and sanitized in the process. Notably, the preforms for a popular sports drink were shipped in these containers at an impressive 20,000 units per box for the 2012 London Olympic games. These storage containers were chosen both for their stackable design and for their easy-to-clean surfaces.

2. As Supermarket Produce Displays

Grocery store customers should look closely at the produce section next time they’re shopping. Forgoing inconvenient, less-durable wood stands, many stores have started placing plastic pallet boxes directly on the store floor to use as produce displays. Which makes sense, because these are the containers that a lot of supermarket produce and products are shipped in these days anyway.

3. Assisting Professional Fisherman

For those who fish for a living, keeping equipment dry and secure is a serious matter. Some major fishing operations now use plastic pallet boxes as equipment storage both in port and on ship. These containers provide reliable protection from the elements and also

4. Keeping Animal Food Fresh

Both zoos and pet food suppliers use plastic pallets to store large quantities of animal feed and prevent it from getting moldy or stale. These seal-able containers also make it easier to transport these food products to different locations without having to worry about them losing freshness.

5. As Reusable Construction Materials

Plastic pallet boxes can be used over and over agin as shipping and storage containers, but some groups are using them for even more creative purposes. Plastic shipping containers have been recycled into everything from office spaces to outdoor decking. In 2014, a student group in Lebanon even used hundreds of these boxes to build a durable emergency shelter.

What’s Next for Plastic Pallet Boxes?

If the current track record is any indicator, the future is bright for plastic pallet storage. The question now is not so much what “can” be shipped via these storage containers, but rather what “can’t” be. They are already used widely around the world, so it’s only a matter of time before even more versatile uses become known.