Selective Rack


 Selective pallet racking is the most common racking system and can be found in a multitude of business world wide. Selective pallet racking typically holds 2 to 3 pallets between two uprights on every level. Pallet racking comes in a number of different connections whether it be one of the teardrop styles or a “structural” connection, connecting through the use of nuts and bolts. Standard heights reach over 30 feet.

Selective pallet racking is particularly suitable for large quantities of individual, mainly palletized articles. In contrast to block stacking, there is no contact between pallets which allows direct access to all pallets at any given time. Easy adjustment of racking levels ensures optimum storage utilization. Double-deep storage can also be utilized for added storage benefits.


  • Direct access to all articles
  • Available for manual / automatic rack servicing
  • Random storage position allocation

selective-2 huge warehouse inside with empty racks in red