Tear Down

Changing locations?

Our installers have diverse experience in the tear down, packaging, shipping, and re-installation of new systems in a timely manner. This benefits the customer by having less down time as well as being more cost efficient.

Prior to the scheduled tear down, we take the time to evaluate the companies current material handling needs. We use this time to assess whether we can create more storage, using less space. After our evaluation we will provide you with drawings illustrating the most efficient use of the new space for your specific storage requirements.

Down time, operational needs and the type of product needed is taken into consideration in order to maximize production and efficiency. Our engineers complete all necessary drawings and component calculations in order to submit to the city and obtain building permits. We also schedule inspections, and receive final building permits for occupancy, if necessary. This allows the customer to relax and know their job is in experienced, capable hands.

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