Kaco Warehouse Outfitters works with Premier Vendor, Strong-Hold Products, to Design Functional Warehouses

Long before the concepts of 5-S and Lean Manufacturing were popular, Strong Hold was a trusted source for providing industrial strength workspace solutions, such as storage and cabinets. Originally headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States, the products provided by this company were designed for the end customer, but also to stand up to the harshest environments imaginable. Due to the company’s customer focus, Strong Hold has been a superior vendor for KACO Warehouse Outfitters.

The product offerings from Strong Hold include bin cabinets, clear view cabinets, computer cabinets, welding tables, workbenches, ventilated cabinets, tool carts, stainless steel, job site storage, shop tables, shop desks, shelving units, roll-up door cabinets, industrial lockers, outdoor storage cabinets, industrial cabinets, safety and hazardous storage, and computer cabinets. The products offered by this company are not found anywhere else across the country in an array of heavy-duty manufacturing environments.

Everything constructed by Strong Hold is made of top-grade steel that is paired with a single piece body design, which excludes the stainless steel. This helps to minimize the welds necessary, while increasing strength, which makes them the strongest workspace solutions, storage solutions and industrial cabinets that can be purchased today.

At KACO Warehouse Outfitters, the company is focused on providing each customer in Arizona access to quality storage products and shelving solutions, along with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

The team at KACO takes the time to look over the space in question to determine where space has been wasted, and how storage in the space can be improved. Customers can utilize the available industrial storage options to help get these items that are lying around off of the floor and out of the way of staff. When this is done, warehouses have the ability to free up their valuable space, which can then be used for adapting to increasing demands. While each individual case is going to vary, if a company becomes overwhelmed with their current stocking needs, they should look into these solutions. These are issues that can’t be ignored, as they can be detrimental to the health of the business, and to employee safety. With the help of Strong Hold and similar vendors, KACO offers the solutions needed for any company based on their specific storage needs.

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