Permit Acquisition

Safety is our main priority. There are several ways we maintain a safe working environment. One of those ways is by following certain codes. The Uniform Building Code (UBC), requires that any type of storage structure over 8′-0″ high be seismically engineered as well as permitted. This is designed to ensure that all construction is safe. Obtaining permits can be tedious and frustrating for the customer in addition to our design services, we offer permit submission services.

We can do as much or as little of the permitting necessary.Contact us for information on the permit packages we offer.

Our permit submittal service package includes the following drawings:

  • Site Plan – This plan shows the general layout of the existing building site, parking for the building, accessible path of travel, and the location of the scope of work.
  • Floor Plan – This plan contains the interior dimensions of the space and the use of all rooms. It shows all the walls, doors, restrooms, and disabled accessibility.
  • Design Drawings – This plan shows the dimensions, details, notes, locations, and path of travel for the proposed storage system within the building.
  • Engineering Calculations – Detailed Drawings and structural calculations are provided by a licensed engineer to support our storage system design.

Our permit submittal package includes the following:

  • Site Plan Drawing (when applicable)
  • Floor Plan & Elevation Drawings
  • Component Detail Drawings
  • Wet Stamped Structural Calculations

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