Kaco Warehouse Outfitters works with Premier Vendor, Western Pacific Storage Solutions, to Design Functional Warehouses

For more than 30 years, Western Pacific Storage Systems has experienced the long-term growth that now firmly establishes the company as both trusted supplier and trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest corporations. From their beginnings as a regional California operation to their present organization with two manufacturing plants and three well-stocked distribution centers, they have been customer driven and a fantastic vendor for Kaco Warehouse Outfitters.

Their product offerings include RiveTier (the original boltless shelving), Pacific (the industrial-strength metal shelving) QuikPik carton flow rack, Industrial Structures mezzanine systems and Deluxe shelving. Through the adoption of Lean manufacturing procedures Western Pacific mandates the highest quality standards, levels of productivity and continuous improvement throughout their organization. As a result of state of the art facilities and the application of best practices in manufacturing, WPSS has built a reputation as well as a capacity for large and complex assignments. Their products meet the most stringent seismic regulations in the nation. This nets out to rock-solid engineering supported by fully realized CAD capabilities, cross functional development teams and the highest level of custom design and engineering support available.

At KACO Warehouse Outfitters, we are entirely focused on offering our customers in Arizona quality shelving and storage products, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. By stocking Western Pacific materials in our local warehouse as well as being ready for quick custom orders, Kaco is positioned to offer competitive pricing regardless of order size. Outstanding customer service is achieved by utilizing professional sales personnel, experienced customer service staff, active owner-management, and in-house delivery, installation and design staff. We will take the time to look over the space you currently have and pinpoint areas where space is being wasted, most prominently for storage of items. You can utilize industrial storage options to get these items off the floor and out of the way. By doing this, many warehouses can free up valuable space that can be used to adapt to increased demands. While individual cases will vary, if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with current stock needs, then you’ll definitely need to look into some solutions. These issues cannot be ignored, as they are detrimental to the health of your business—and your body. The longer these problems are left alone, the more likely it is your business will begin to start to show the symptoms of it. Don’t let this happen to you, invest in redesigning properly with industrial storage options at the focus.