Kaco Warehouse Outfitters works with Premier Vendor, Hallowell®, to Design Functional Warehouses

At KACO Warehouse Outfitters, we understand that businesses are only at their best when everything is organized and functioning properly. This is particularly true when it comes to warehouses and other large, active storage areas, and it is because of this that we choose to work with the premier vendors that we do. Today, we are proud to call out Hallowell! These guys have been making organizational products since 1903, and needless to say they’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to optimize an industrial workspace and how to make some of the highest quality shelving and storage supplies on the market today!

It all starts with the customer. In the early 1990s, Hallowell was acquired by List Industries, Inc., a storage locker manufacturer and a company with a huge emphasis on the customer experience. Working with List, Hallowell has developed and shaped their products to focus on ease of use for the customer and long-term durability. As the years have marched forward, so too has Hallowell. While the customer focus has never faltered, the way in which their products are designed and made has adapted with the introduction of newer technology.

Modern Hallowell products are all designed and engineered using the latest computer technology for precision and, of course, safety. On top of that, they guarantee all of their products will last a lifetime!

With the customer-end focus of List Industries, Hallowell manufactures a wide range of structural, organizational and storage options for construction sites, warehouses and other industrial spaces, from shelving to workbenches, storage cabinets, lockers, and more. Their products suit a wide variety of storage and organizational needs, and they are also very user-friendly and extremely durable to fit a big range of purposes. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that their products are environmentally friendly and power coated with safe, non-toxic paint!

The industrial and construction industries have been looking to Hallowell for the past century thanks to their large selection of industrial grade, high-tech supplies that fit all kinds of work and storage areas.

Before leaving their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Florida, all Hallowell products undergo stringent safety and quality assurance testing to ensure they are fit to perform as intended.

Another reason we have chosen to partner with Hallowell is because this premier vendor also offers custom designs. After all, we understand there will always be clients who have really specific needs and/or unique workspaces that may require products beyond what is traditionally offered.

What’s next for Hallowell? We anticipate another 100 years of excellence!

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