Lockers are a very hard subject for a lot of our customers to fully grasp. This is mostly due to the wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials that are currently available in today’s market place. There are also a lot of factors one must take into consideration when determining the best suited locker for their environment.

The first step is to determine how many locker openings you will need and the amount of area available. Getting a current head count and taking into consideration future positions and turn-over rates is the easy part. Getting accurate measurements can be a little harder. Some customers choose to draw out a room and take their own measurements, and this ok on small locker runs. Kaco does highly suggest letting one of their sales and design staff measure the area and provide a free layout before ordering. This is only to insure the customer gets exactly what they want and that it fits when they get it.

The second step would be to determine the size of opening needed? What are your employees needing to store? Since locker frames can be 1-tier to 9-tier they offer a wide variety storage options, from small box lockers the perfect size for a purse to single tier lockers made to hold a complete change of clothes.

The third step is to determine the style of locker needed. In corrosive environments like pools we offer plastic lockers and galvanized steel lockers. If you want visibility there are perforated steel lockers, or even lockers with clear polycarbonate doors. When air circulation is needed there are expanded metal lockers and lockers with perforations. Kaco also offers wood lockers for a more upscale look and is now even offering phenolic lockers which boast a 20 year warranty.

There are more options available for today’s locker than there is for the average compact car. Most manufacturers offer ten to twenty different colors as well as offer custom color match. Sloped hoods, closed bases, combination locks, end panels, and different handles are all things to take into consideration when designing your locker room.

With the countries top Locker manufacturers behind Kaco, we can offer what ever it is your looking for at a great price with outstanding customer service!

Metal Lockers

These lockers are the staple in the locker industry and the economical price tag keeps them popular. These lockers are typically offered in width and depths of 12, 15, and 18 inches but can be as large as 21 and 24 inches.

All-Welded Lockers

Welded of heavier gauge steel than the bolt together counterpart, these lockers can take everyday abuse and continue to look good. 1 through 9 tiers offers a size opening for any application.

Plastic Lockers

When you have a moisture rich environment like a pool area there is no substitution to a plastic locker, they are made of thick durable plastic making them impervious to corrosion.

Athletic Lockers

Perfectly suited for athletic rooms these lockers are fully customizable with shelves, foot lockers, coat rods, and security boxes.

Turn-Out Lockers

At 48″ wides these are some of the largest lockers we offer. With options like parachute racks, boot trays and hardwood seats these lockers can be made to hold anything.