Safety Ladders

  • 1″ dia. steel tube construction Ruggedly braced and reinforced
  • Standard 12″ deep top platform Solid mig welded construction
  • BIG non-skid, non-marking shoes
  • Safety green enamel finish
  • 42″ tall guardrails on 6-step and larger
  • Meets CAL/OSHA requirements Meets Federal OSHA/ANSI requirements Optional Features
  • Fold down shelves Narrow aisle models
  • Custom handrail arrangement or height extra deep platform in multiples or 12″


  • 1″ dia. steel tube construction
  • StepJack floor locking device
  • 12″x24″ folding rear guardrail shelf
  • Traction tread steps and 24″ deep
  • top platform
  • Three 24″x22″ package trays on 7
  • step and larger
  • All welded construction
  • Large 2″ dia. rubber shoes
  • 2 each 3 1/2″ swivel casters on StepJack
  • 2 each 3 1/2″ rigid casters under platform
  • (5″ riged casters on 10 steps & larger)
  • Safety green enamel finish

Roof Access Ladders

  • Cages may be required on all access ladders of more than 20 feet to a maximum unbroken length of 30 feet
  • Intermediate platforms or landings may be required at 30 foot intervals or fraction there of, when overall height exceeds 30 feet
  • When intermediate platforms are used adjacent ladder sections are to be offset.
  • When exiting to the side at the top of the access ladder, rungs will continue 4 feet above the platform.
  • When exiting to the front at the top of the access ladder, boarding rails shall extend 42″ above the top rungs.