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Steel shelving is used in many places including industrial facilities, homes, schools and anyplace there is a need for storage. There is a wide variety of sizes and capacities for shelving for different storage needs. Industrial facilities generally store larger and heavier items creating the need for stronger and larger shelving. There are industrial steel shelving units that have a 3,000 pound per shelf capacity. This type of shelving enables the user to store large parts, equipment and other heavy items. The heavy duty shelving will usually bolt together or come welded to provide the extra strength.

Standard steel shelving units generally come with capacities ranging from 200 – 900 pounds per shelf, and generally made from steel that is 22 – 16 gauge steel. The standard heights for this type of shelving is 72″ or 85″, however there are many exceptions available in the marketplace and can be found to heights in excess of 15′. The most common style for securing the shelves are clips. These make it easy to adjust the shelf heights and hold them securely, typically on 1″ centers. Most steel shelving is available in 36, 42, 48, 60, and 72 inch widths. The depths of the shelves are generally12, 15, 18, 24,  inches to 30 inches. Standard steel shelving is perfect for most commercial and home uses.

Another consideration when choosing shelving is how many total units you will need, as well as if all the shelving is being used in one continuous line. A lot of shelving is available in starter and add-on units. A starter is a complete shelving unit. The add-on unit will connect to the shelves placed next to them. Since one set of uprights are not needed for the add-on you can save on cost by purchasing your shelving this way.

So when you are choosing shelving figure out what size shelf you will need to store your items, how much weight you will be putting on each shelf, and how many shelving units you will be putting in a row. Choosing shelving that will most closely fit your needs is the best way to save money. If you are not sure exactly what you need shoot us an email at and we will be glad to help you.

Steel shelving is an important aspect of ensuring that your office, warehouse, or retail operation. Every place of business has a wide range of storage needs and it’s important to choose shelves that are sturdy, durable, and will withstand the test of time. Steel shelving is one of the most preferred storage methods due to the fact that they are hard wearing and resilient. It’s a good idea to determine what size shelving that you need for storage purposes ahead of time. This will ensure that you select shelving that fits neatly and compactly in your office. There are many shelving options available to choose from, and you’ll find that many of these include very thin or slim styles providing for maximum storage efficiency.

The general office needs storage and steel shelving is a perfect solution. For those who must deal with excessive amounts of paper files shelving is essential. This type of shelving includes racks that are divided into compartments making it simple to retrieve files when needed. It’s also a good idea to select steel shelving that is versatile and easy to change. This way you can make certain that you have enough room to meet your office needs and expand your shelving as your needs grow. It’s also important to make sure that the accessories you select for your steel shelving attach easily and are versatile as well.

Since many people come in contact with the shelving, it is also a good idea to choose shelving that has antibacterial properties to reduce the amount of cross contamination on the shelving. There are a number of shelving products on the market that are coated with an antibacterial protectant to ensure the safety of those who come in contact with the shelves. Additionally, it’s important to look for steel shelving that has easy and convenient pull out trays or drawers. These are used for reviewing files, reading reports or for storing additional items such as compact discs and other data.
It’s imperative for offices to recognize the importance of keeping documents, data, and files in a secure manner. This is especially true for government, medical, and financial records. By choosing efficient steel shelving, you can feel confident that your business organization has taken the proper steps to protect the data of their clientele.

Industrial warehouses also depend upon steel shelving to ensure that their businesses operate in efficiency. Warehouses require shelving for a variety of needs. From business records to storing additional stock items, storage comprises a very important aspect of a successful business operation. Industries rely heavily on the ability to store all of their stock, and with versatile and adjustable shelving you can easily accommodate your storage needs.

Another important steel shelving choice is mobile shelving. This is very important for those who need to ensure that they have maximized the amount of storage provided in small spaces. Mobile shelving unit ensures that you have easy access to important files while saving space by reducing the amount of walkways and aisles needed. Additionally, mobile steel shelving can easily be secured ensuring that privacy is protected.
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Quality retail shelving offers store owners a better chance at making a great first impression. It does not have to cost a lot of money. Just a reasonable investment in sturdy, colorful retail shelves will immediately differentiate a store from its competition.  New retail shelving places the most expensive and sought after items in the best possible spotlight. Special displays for Christmas and after Christmas sales events have a much better chance of attracting the eye than standard shelving typically offers. Adjustability, decorative appeal, and space management ability differentiate Easy Rack retail shelves from inferior, generic racks and displays. Because each unit can be adjusted as a standalone piece or used in combination with other units, more can be done with less.

Different types of retail shelving do different things for store owners looking to increase sales. Double-sided retail shelves are made to run parallel to one another and create shopping aisles between the merchandise. Because these units are made with a solid-piece construction, they are very easy to move and rearrange in different directions. This is often done in grocery stores, where certain aisles containing supplements and over the counter medication are arranged perpendicular to food aisles.

Single-sided retail shelving is used to create displays along walls and to stand at the end of aisle shelving as end caps. End caps are extremely important to Christmas sales because they place the hottest items right in the customers’ line of sight. Almost every larger store has wall space that is going to waste, and almost every gas station and convenience store has either an empty corner or a space between the lotto stand and ATM. Both wall shelving and aisle shelving units measure 48″ from side to side. This is the key to fitting individual units into these types of tight spots.

Adjustable retail shelving is the key to more attractive displays. If all the shelves on a retail display rack are set to identical depths, top shelves will block light attempting to reach the lower shelves. This makes it hard for customers to read labels and notice the features of various products. On the other hand, varying the depth of higher and lower shelves allows light to be distributed throughout the display rack. Also, the ability to move shelves either up or down allows for retail displays to be customized to the size of products themselves. Because each shelf can support up to 350 pounds of weight, virtually any product can be placed at any height for greater visual impact.

The right kind of retail shelves can be a key component of loss prevention. Many store owners make the mistake of buying the tallest display shelving available. They believe this gives them more room to merchandise a greater amount of inventory. Unfortunately, retail shelving that is more than 84″ tall is likely to block visibility essential to loss prevention monitoring. Even cameras cannot see over shelving that is too tall.

In our experience, 72″-84″ display racks are the tallest units that any store should invest in. 72″ or less is better for gas stations and convenience stores that have extremely limited space. Smaller shelving is also recommended for gift shops and accessories stores. This allows employees to watch customers either directly or with security mirrors, and makes it easier to conceal cameras at unique angles to ensure customer honesty at all times.

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A Pallet Rack is commonly created to store materials on pallets (portable platform for moving goods that are stacked on it and for storing). The pallet rack system is very essential and almost present in all modern warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, and other storage and distribution facilities. This is because this components of pallet rack, the storage system and storage size requirements of a facility has a cost directly proportional to each other. As the storage size increases in the pallet rack system, just there and then would the cost increase. This means that the sizes of warehouses and storage facilities would also be in consideration, and the costs that will be incurred by the company availing of the pallet rack system will be a justifiable cost, and become advantageous to the company.

What are the components of the pallet rack? Here are some:

  1. Crossbar or pallet support- Materials like other decking material or plywood, or as front-to-back member between beams are good to support the pallet.
  2. Solid Decking Panels- Heavy 14-gauge panels that have three welded pan reinforcements on underside and simply drop into place to provide solid deck surface.
  3. Upright frame- is produce by a roll forming flat coil stock steel into a modified “C” shapes with returns. Holes or slots are punched during during manufacturing up and down the column at the standard intervals so that the load beams can be mounted into the upright columns. It compose of diagonal and horizontal bracing.
  4. Load beam- also called as step beam roll formed members with 1 5/8” step along the top inside the edge. This step is use to hold the crossbar support.

The storage Pallet Rack system also comes by means of accessories. Some of which are:

  1. Row Spacers- Row Spacers are designed to keep the space between even rows. They bolt onto frames of a two-deep row and and hold rack securely in place.
  2. Column/Post Protectors- Column protectors keep straight posts safe from lift truck or additional loading tools damage by given that solid steel protection at the base. Listed models are freestanding and must be attached to the floor.
  3. Wire Deckings- Wire decking is a great add-on for your pallet rack. It is economical for installations new and for your advance current rack system. Decking provides greater structural strength than other materials, with its tough and durable wire construction with underlying metal supports. For rack content inspections it offers east visibility, and it meets fire safety codes. With Decking, you eliminate dust and debris build-up and improve air circulation.
  4. Shim Plate- Into footplate and not workout, upset punched to nest from under posts.

Warehouse storage equipment must last for longtime supporting heavy loads, and it must be available for safe and fast access to stored at Kaco we offer a large and very diverse number of customizable racking systems engineered specifically for these applications. Material handling specialists are almost always willing to help you will help you customize your order to fit your facility, location, and business model.

Pallet Rack Warehouse Storage Equipment
Pallet rack systems offer warehouses a cost effective means of managing inventory. Pallet racks feature the ability to adapt to any specific interior layout, making them some of the most versatile forms of warehouse storage equipment you can invest in. They are also not difficult to assemble with drop in place beams that a wrestling hold in place. Computer assisted design offers the additional advantage of customizing the size and strength of your pallet rack to the specific needs of your environment.

Cantilever Style Warehouse Storage Equipment
Cantilever racks add flexibility and customization to warehouse supply and equipment storage. Welded steel components provide the strength and durability of these systems. Every rack can be always done in a particular way by tradition with arms and uprights sold separately. Small, medium, and heavy-duty cantilever racks can be ordered that will warehouse storage equipment to the size and design of any materials, products, and supplies. You can order custom rack systems from the manufacturer through a distributor or representative agent.

Reel Racks
You can store and dispense poly or wire rope, hose, electrical cable, or chain with an adjustable reel rack. Featuring adjustable brackets and axles, reel racks are among some of the most customizable warehouse storage equipment tools available. You can stagger arms across the frame for different size reels by adjustable brackets. Reel racks typically feature 2,000 pounds of storage capacity per level.

Double Sided Horizontal Bar Rack
This item is excellent for productive work of warehouse equipment storage in maintenance departments, shelving areas and machine shops. As the arms extend outward, they create bays of storage. Nine arm levels of varying lengths can store material up to 10 feet long. By aligning two units next to each other, you can store longer materials when warehouse equipment storage space becomes limited and cramped. The edge of each arm edges is sloped upward to prevent roll off’s. Arms are welded at 6″ increments with 6″ between levels. The steel construction unit features lag down points and ship knockdown and holds up to 2,600 pounds of evenly distributed load.

Warehouse storage equipment is plan and makes to anticipate any amount of products, components, supplies, or substances your facility need for safely and effectively organize and store. It must also be highly adaptive to any number of factory and warehousing environments, because equipment stored in a warehouse varies greatly per location and industry. For storage it must make the most well organization of space with less time and safety hazards connected in accessing stored materials.

When it comes to enough space to work in, most chefs will say the person who designed the kitchen was never going to have to work in it, or the kitchen was designed when food sales were not as busy as the present. That means the maximum use of available space is important which means efficient shelving and storage.

Not only must there be efficient use of space with shelving, but it has also to conform to good food safety practice and increasingly, to employee health and safety requirements. Lifting from high shelves involving stretching or standing on a raised surface could be viewed as an employee safety risk.

With walk-in coldrooms and freezer rooms it is important to maximise the storage areas through good racking and shelving, since the running costs over a year will be very similar for a coldroom under-stocked and one that has shelving which utilises as much space as possible.

Shelving fixed to the walls of the kitchen or the dry store area is still widespread, but it is impractical to move it, cleaning is more difficult and since all kitchens evolve in  layout it does not make for sensible use of the storage area.
The most effective shelving is a modular system. This usually comes as a flatpack or semi-fitted. As part of a new kitchen or refurbishment, the installer will put the shelving together, but it is literally snap and click, often without any nuts or bolts to fix. Self-assembly is very straightforward.

Advantages of modular shelving systems include mobility, versatility and the ability to remove shelving for washing, either through a dishwasher or in a sink. The uprights on modular shelving have anchor points for shelf support brackets, so many or just two or three shelves can be fitted according to the goods in store and their size.

Changing shelf height is very simple and additional shelves and support brackets can be bought. A good system will allow for shelving to be fitted around a corner, often without the obstruction of a support post on the leading edge of the corner, further increasing the versatility of the unit. Where transporting of shelving is a feature needed in a kitchen, modular racking systems mounted on castors are available.

The materials available
There are a wide range of materials used in shelving, each with their advantages, but the one material which has a food safety question mark against it is wood. In theory, wood is cheap and for dry goods storage such as tins presents no food safety risks. But things other than tins get stored on wooden shelving and it can become soiled and be a breeding ground for bacteria. A regular and thorough cleaning routine using a sanitiser will keep the wood clean, but in practice this is unlikely to happen.

Zinc chromate – Usually the cheapest material for shelving, useful where cost is very important to the buyer. It performs well for ambient dry goods storage, but if used in the damp environment of a coldroom over a period of time it can produce a type of white rust which needs to be cleaned off.

Coated wire – This is metal, usually as a mesh or parallel bars, which is given a plastic coating, similar to the racking used in a domestic fridge. This is a versatile material which can be used in both coldrooms and for ambient racking. Care has to be taken that in a coldroom  rust does not begin to break through at bends and joints. In a coldroom environment, cracking can occur in the plastic coating, which as well as allowing corrosion to break through, gives a cleaning problem.

Anodised aluminium – This is one of the less expensive materials and has strength, stain resistance and the anodised coating makes it easy to keep clean. Can be used in both dry goods storage and in coldrooms and freezer rooms.
Stainless steel – The most durable of construction materials, good to keep clean and corrosion problems are very rare. The choice of kitchens where there is a desire for high performance and the willingness to pay for it.

Shelf construction
There are several construction forms for the actual shelf, but they fit within two types – solid shelves and slatted shelves. A solid shelf is useful if small items are being stored, such as cooking utensils or small jars which would topple over on a slatted shelf.

Slatted shelves are the more popular. These allow air to circulate freely around food, important in storing fresh food at ambient temperature and for coldroom storage. The slats allow for a good circulation of the cold air around the food. For use in wine storage, then round slats are useful as they allow bottles to be racked horizontally and put on top of each other.

Dunnage racks
Dunnage is a technical word that describes a low-sited ambient racking system that keep heavy items just off the ground to prevent moisture, heat and cold from rising up through the ground and spoiling product. Having foodstuffs raised off the ground also helps to be a barrier to walking and crawling pests. Typical products stored on dunnage shelving are sacks of potatoes and other bulky vegetables such as onions and carrots. Dunnage shelving needs to be very robust, able to withstand heavy and prolonged weights being stored on it.

Cleaning shelving
With modular shelving, the slatted shelves can be lifted out and in most cases put through a dishwasher. For parts of modular shelving which cannot be put into a dishwasher such as the upright frame, a medium bristle brush with hot soapy water will clean off spillages and a sanitising spray will help remove residual bacteria. A hot power wash spray gun normally used for cleaning solid floors is another way of cleaning shelving, but check with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Immediate cleaning should be done when there is a spillage of cooked food or leaching of fluid from meat and fish.

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For most people staying in the small and compact sized houses, shelving is one of the simplest ways to enhance the storage space and also the look of the house. But, it gets very essential to select the best type of shelving and racking systems for our requirements as choosing the wrong type of shelving system for the various parts of the house can simply cause a lot of problems.

For instance, if you select the wrong type of shelves for your main hall, you can simply make your main hall look like a store. Thus, it gets extremely important that you select the best type of shelving system for your house. However, it gets a bit difficult selecting the best shelving system for your house, as there are various types of designs and patterns of shelving systems which are easily available in the market.

Today, there are various types of shelving systems available in the market which can vary from the simple single shelves which are usually supported by the fixed external brackets, to the most adjustable shelving systems which can be easily adjusted at all places of the house and the office. You need to thus understand that these various types of shelving systems are mainly used to help you store different things for different places. Thus, based on your requirements, you need to find the best shelving system for your house or your work place.

  1. Most primarily, before selecting the types of shelving and racking systems that you wish to install, it is more important that you select the place where you wish to install a shelving system.
  2. Once the place is selected, you should then select the best type of material that you can use for creating your shelving system. You can simply find a number of differently shaped and patterned shelves such as the ones made from solid wood of different thicknesses and a huge variety of finishing touches. You can also select certain types of glass materials to store the various types of fancy things for your main hall or your bedroom. These are mainly used to enhance the look of the place where they are installed.
  3. Select the material for the shelving system by mainly considering the type of things that you would be storing or arranging on these shelves.
  4. You can select the beautiful shelves for your main hall without the brackets so as to help add that touch of style and class along with their style and shape.
  5. Based on the needs, you can also select the plastic and the metal anchors for the installation of the light weight shelving on a wall with a cavity.
  6. At the same point, you can select any type of beautifully carved wooden shelving system for the storage and the beautiful display of the books. Thus, you should select the best possible shelving system for your needs.

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We need storage solutions in several different contexts and shelving or racking can deliver what we need as appropriate. Shelves work really well in your garage if you like to store your car in the garage, but you also want to make the most of the garage space that you have left once the car has been put in. Shelves work well as they can be set at any height that you require and then attached to the wall, which means that they can be set up high in the garage so not to obstruct the car. However, they also act as storage so that you can place any belonging that you wish on them so that they are out of safely the way.

Shelves do not have to be an individual unit that is attached to the wall, there are also a number of shelves that come in a framed unit so that you can store the belongings that you require. These are very useful to have around as they hold a larger number of items and take up the same amount of space as there are a number of shelves in the unit.

The shelf racks come in a range of widths, depths and heights so that you will be able to find a unit that will fit exactly wherever you need it to be placed. If you still have items to store and there is space in the unit then you can purchase additional shelves that you can add to the unit so that they hold all of the items that you need them to.

Here at KACO there are a wide range of shelves that we have available, there are shelves that will suit all situations and they come in a range of materials and sizes so that you have a wide selection to choose from so that you can find the ideal shelving to suit your needs.

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When you have a fully operating warehouse you probably have a lot of equipment that improves the functionality of the entire building. The machinery and tools obviously help with the production processes but the storage departments of the warehouse are many times overlooked. Storage shelving and the racks that support those shelves are extremely important. Many times, the items that are stored on the shelves are extremely heavy.

If the shelves were to suddenly break, this would send the items falling to the floor and that could not only be detrimental to the warehouses production and budget but it also puts anyone below those shelves in danger. Ensuring that you use high quality shelves that are heavy duty and extremely durable in the warehouse is very important. There are plenty of choices to choose from and making the decision to invest more money into your storage department of the warehouse is one of the best decisions you can make. Metal and steel shelves provide really durable and reliable construction that will last for many years to come. The only problem with these materials is that they take heavy duty storage and shelving racks to accompany them. Many times, warehouse managers put too much focus on buying the most reliable shelving and don’t spend enough money when it comes to the racks. The racks that support the shelving also support the items that are placed on the shelves. All of the weight from the items is applied to the racks. If the racks give way, so do everything else so make sure you get adequate racks for the situation that can withstand as much weight if not more weight than the shelving.

Industrial workbenches are in high demand as the need for reliable and sturdy counter tops grows in the warehouse and industrial settings. Whether you need a prime location to operate equipment and machinery from, a flat surface to draw out diagrams and write on or you need a heavy duty construction to provide more room for storage, an industrial workbench is an ideal candidate. Industrial workbenches are high quality counter top tables that serve multiple purposes but will last for many years to come. If replacing worn out and old tables aren’t where you want to be spending your money then an industrial workbench can help support your budget.

Conveyor sortation machinery can be extremely useful warehouse equipment. Conveyor sortation machinery can eliminate the need to pay workers to sort out products on a conveyor line. With the sortation system you can route certain products, even if they are mixed together to be sent to a separate conveyor line that can lead them to a different portion of the warehouse. You can control the speed, design and controls of the conveyor to ensure it operates more efficiently for your warehouse. Investing in a conveyor system can save time and money in the long run.

Looking for quality warehouse shelving systems for the storage of materials and equipments? A professional warehouse rack manufacturer can help you take care of things quickly and effortlessly.

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If you are pressed for space when it comes to your companies warehouse or storage area, then you should consider taking advantage of pallet racking storage shelves.  Of if you already have pallet racking storage shelves, but are in need of replacements, you should consider purchasing new pallet racks that are of quality design and that are built to save space and increase safety in the work place.  Many older pallet racks are not designed with safety in mind.

Additionally, many older pallet racks that are constructed of wood are now considered to be dangerous in the work place.   Many companies all throughout Australia are now replacing their old pallet racks in order to assure the safety of their workers and also of their stored products.

Pallet racking storage shelves manufactured by ISS Pro Rack are some of the most sturdy, safe, and affordable new pallet racks that you will ever come into contact with.  They are built with strong materials and have been tested in order to assure their safety and stability.   Additionally, they can be designed and created to work with any work space and warehouse size.  This will allow you to get the most of your warehouse space, and will also assure that this work space is 100% safe for your workers.

New pallet racks can also be obtained at affordable prices when you turn to ISS Pro Rack.  The majority of new pallet racks that you purchase these days are manufactured by one company and then sold by another.  Do to this trading of products both companies who deal with these new pallet racks will tack on additional fees which they pass on to the customer.  This will result in you paying outrageous fees for your pallet racking storage shelves.

However, with ISS Pro Rack they cut out the “middle man” by manufacturing their new pallet racks themselves.  This means that you will only be paying slightly over cost for the addition of new pallet racks to your companies warehouse.  These amazing savings are just one of the main reasons why so many companies both large and small all throughout Australia are turning to ISS Pro Rack for all of their pallet racking storage shelf needs.

Another main reason why so many Australia based companies are turning to ISS Pro Rack is due to the fact that they can customize every order.  This means that you can determine the size and build of every shelf in your warehouse.  With this power you can assure that you take advantage of space saving in order to make your warehouse more effective and productive.  There are not many new pallet racks providers that actually allow their customers to customize their orders without tacking on outlandish fees.

With the pallet racks your purchase from ISS Pro Rack you will save yourself money and will free up space in your warehouse to assure that it operates more effectively.  In fact, you can increase the productivity and safety of your warehouse up to 60% by simply using the pallet racking storage shelves manufactured by ISS Pro Rack.

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You can find several different types of industrial shelving to choose from. It’s important that you learn the differences between them in order to choose the right one for your specific needs. If you are going to store heavy items in your restaurant you wouldn’t want to choose a unit that would eventually begin breaking. This would be a waste of money.

There are many great solutions for anything imaginable regardless of what type of business you own. For example if you own a restaurant you should google “restaurant shelving units”, “office shelving systems”, and so on and so forth. This will pull up the best type of shelving units for this business. Choosing industrial strength shelving will ensure that your money will go further. Any other type of unit simple would not survive the constant abuse that many business types offer them. Although depending on what you will be putting on them a plastic Rubbermaid shelf might work well and will save you a good amount of money as well.

Some of the most popular types of shelves for business include mobile shelving, double rivet, circular and modular. You can learn the exact uses of each of these types by looking them up on the internet and this is something that you really need to do. You will be surprised to find something that will actually suite your needs better. Always keep in mind the durability and the type of use and abuse that it will be taking before you purchase it.

Keeping things stored neatly on shelves will help to increase the amount of space available in your shop, but there are other great benefits as well. For example inventory. If the inventory isn’t perfect you can be throwing money out of the window. Running your business efficiently is important to productivity and profits. This is exactly why you must learn about the available options you have and determine which unit will best suit your needs. It’s not just about finding the necessary space; it’s about improving many aspects of your business.

Now with all of that said you must begin researching just how to do this effectively.

One of the best inventions of all time, shelving is an ideal way of keeping and displaying all kinds of items, large and small. It is also a highly effective method of dividing up an area in a home, office or public space.

As with any big item of furniture, you will need to make sure that the shelving will be able to be placed into the area that you have allocated for it. It is important to be aware of the height of the space that you have in mind for installing any shelving units. A unit will not fit if it is too high, of course. And if you get shelving that doesn’t fill the space because it is too low, then you won’t be using the space that you have. Equally so, it is essential to ensure that width considerations are taken into account. Make sure that there is sufficient clearance next to shelving. You may need to take account of doors that need to be opened and so require their own space too.

The depth of shelving is also a consideration which definitely needs to be taken into account. If there isn’t much space in front of the shelving you will need to restrict the depth of the shelving you put in. Otherwise people, and possibly vehicles like fork-lift trucks, may not be able to get past comfortably or safely. If you are going to purchase shelving from a website, it is important that you have the dimensions of the items that you will be purchasing. If you will be making your purchase in a store, it important to bring a measuring tape with you. Also take a note of the dimensions of the area that the shelving will be going into. Another thing to bear in mind is the mode of delivery. A lot of shelving comes in a flat-pack. However not all shelving comes this way, and a lot of people overlook this when purchasing, and find problems later.

The more costly designer shelving often comes already assembled. So you should always be aware of the size of the shelving you buy and whether you will be able to get it into your premises. Some shelving systems have a way of setting their shelves at different heights. So lower down there can be more vertical space between the shelves, and less vertical space between the upper shelves. An arrangement like this provides a good system for showing and keeping all kinds of items, large and small. There is a special type of shelving system that incorporates enclosed areas on the shelves. These include drawers and cupboards which allow you to store small, valuable items. Shelving cupboards can have locks on their doors for additional security. With some large spaces, in the home, offices, factories or public areas, free-standing shelving is used to divide the space into separate areas. Here the shelving has a double role. Firstly that of storage and display, and secondly of providing a visual divider to create two smaller areas out of one larger space.

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