Kaco Warehouse Outfitters works with Premier Vendor, Wildeck®, to Design Functional Warehouses

There’s a reason Wildeck is not only one of our favorite vendors here at KACO Warehouse Outfitters, but also our premier source for large operational equipment, safety supplies and space organizational tools. Whether it’s for a warehouse, logistic center, retail backroom, a factory, packaging and distribution center or any kind of facility in between, Wildeck is there to help make the space as safe and functional as possible. With over 40 years in the business, Wildeck has grown over the years to become the leading manufacturer of industrial safety and facility utilization products.

So, what products does Wildeck provide exactly? At this rate, it would probably be easier to name what they don’t offer! Wildeck currently provides a wide range of industrial safety products, access products and, of course, those meant for everyday operations. The company supplies vertical lifts, ride-able lifts, industrial steel work platforms or “mezzanines”, crossovers, rack protectors (end of the aisle), industrial ladders and guard rails. This is all just the tip of the iceberg, as the vendor has much more available in its stock. For example, those looking to just repair their current machinery instead of spending a fortune on all new equipment can look to Wildeck’s extensive list of many VRC, ladder and other kinds of replacement parts and add-ons. After all, the right operational design and equipment makes all the difference.

Though based out of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Wildeck has gained a solid reputation providing its products to companies across the nation. Wildeck is also a subsidiary of Holden Industries and as such is 100 percent employee-owned. All products are also manufactured right here in the United States. With Wildeck products, it’s quality and safety above all else.

Running a warehouse or any type of operations or manufacturing center is challenging work with a lot of different components. We at KACO Warehouse Outfitters understand that, and we are proud to work with Wildeck and have them on our list of experienced vendors. Contact us today to learn more about how we and vendors like Wildeck can help you and your business make the most out of the space you’re in and reach your growth potential.

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