2021 Warehouse Design Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the world as we knew it. Global lockdowns and economic depressions caused much suffering in personal lives as well as the workforce. With vaccination drives pushing the world back toward normalcy, companies are looking to get back to business as usual. One such sector that was impacted by not just the lockdown but tech innovations was the commercial warehouse sector.

With technological advancements already pushing warehouses and commercial spaces to make changes, let’s take a look at a few of the most notable 2021 warehouse design trends.

Trending Toward Automation

Robots have been coming to take the jobs of hardworking humans for years, but it finally looks like they have arrived. Robots have taken up major roles in warehouses throughout the world and rough estimates believe that this is only the beginning. Warehouse management can turn to robotic automation to help with picking, packing, transporting, inspecting, and even sorting out products.

Larger distribution companies are already putting money into the concept to improve efficiency while reducing the overall labor cost of their workforce. Automation won’t happen overnight and it is hard to deny that the process is well underway. Savvy warehouse operators will keep an eye out for automation solutions that can inspire more efficiency in their warehouse.

Vertical Storage Integration

At a time where very few new warehouses are breaking ground, it can be helpful to find new ways to maximize old opportunities. Vertical storage integration has become increasingly popular as property owners look to build up rather than entirely new properties.

Modern warehouses offer clearings up to 40-feet, allowing for the installation of mezzanines, catwalk systems, and vertical storage integration. The team at KACO Warehouse Outfitters can help to guide clients as they establish second, third, and fourth levels to their existing warehouse spaces.

Warehouses and Green Energy

Caring is the new cool and customers expect more out of the corporations that take their money. Going green is a great way to improve your property, cut down on energy expenses, and win the corporate consciousness battle all at the same time.

Thanks to many modern advancements, including in the LED lighting and solar panel fields, it is easier than ever to incorporate green practices into an old industry. Consider the installation of skylights and solar panels as both an investment in your building as well as your marketing. Green options are increasingly being turned to by Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.

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